Great savings on overseas money transfers

Are you moving overseas or buying a holiday home? If you transfer money internationally through your bank, you could be losing hundreds to thousands of dollars. Try OzForex and see how much you could save!

Complete your transaction in minutes - no more bank queues

Step 1: Register, login and get a live exchange rate quote
Step 2: Enter recipient (beneficiary) bank account details & book your deal
Step 3: Arrange payment to OzForex via BPAY or Electronic Funds Transfer
             We convert and deliver your funds into your nominated account.

Why OzForex? Why not my bank?

  • Super-competitive exchange rates.
  • Low A$15 fee or transfer A$10,000 or more and it’s FREE.
  • Get in touch with our dealing team 24 hours a day
  • Speedy foreign currency transfer, you can book a deal in less than 10 minutes
  • Transactions starting from A$250

If you want to know how to transfer money overseas and save, compare us to your bank! You will find that a forex money transfer can be much cheaper using OzForex.

“OzForex offers lower fees and better rates and provides a higher level of service than most banks; we specialise in money transfer international and are available 24hrs a day to offer FX solutions and assistance” says Jennifer, Senior Foreign Exchange Dealer at OzForex. “With OzForex you can transfer AUD and do an international funds transfer to any of the almost 50 countries we offer.”

Simply open a currency transfer account and one of our experienced dealers will give you a call to discuss your needs.

Who we are

First launched in 1998, the OzForex Group now provides foreign exchange services to over 180,000 customers across 6 continents:

  • 581,000 fund transfers last year
  • AUD$13.6 billion in foreign exchange transactions last year
  • Over 2 million website visits each month

We have over 200 staff and offices in Sydney, London, Toronto, San Francisco, Hong Kong, and Auckland.

How do you know that your Australian Dollar transfer is secure with OzForex? We have been successfully operating since 1998 and are regulated by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC). As a holder of an Australian Financial Services Licence (AFSL), we are required to maintain surplus liquid funds at all times.

Register now and take advantage of our great rates for your next international transfers.

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International money transfers at better rates than the banks.

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